We Need Help, But Can’t Come In

Need some help with your relationship, but don’t want to make an appointment?  Please take a look at my articles and resources on this page.  There are some great tools and workbooks out there for in-home therapy.  Check out the topics to the right or the following resources.

Recommended books:

Hold Me Tight: Seven conversations for a lifetime of love, Sue Johnson

This is an excellent book, and the basis of my work with couples in my office.  The book has exercises you can complete together, and is geared toward really reconnecting the two of you – not just teaching communication techniques.

 The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work: a practical guide from the country’s foremost relationship expert, John Gottman & Nan Silver

Don’t ask me what is up with all the “sevens” in relationship book titles, but this is also a great book that outlines what extensive studies have shown creates lasting marriages – and what destroys them.